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Why you need to tell yourself, your own life’s story. And how individuals and brands can empower themselves for change.

My friend Rachel is probably a better person than you. First off, she’s dedicated her life to working with small children. This means that her day can consist of being pooped on.

Literally, she has been pooped on.

More than once.

Not only that, but because the fecal assailant is probably an embarrassed two-year old, Rachel is also responsible for soothing that same pooper. Can you imagine the empathy that sort of resilience takes?

But Rachel is more than what her job is. And she would never tell her story this way.

In fact, storytelling is one of her favorite…

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Early Signs of the Apocalypse Should Not Be Ignored

So. The data apocalypse is already here.

I remember the moment I understood the world had shifted. It was during the eighth hour-long inter-department meeting, asking if we had data that answered a very, very specific question. The answer was simple. No.

“Why don’t we have this?! What can we do to get it right away?!

There must be more data. There MUST. We need more data. Daaaaataaaaa.”

Replace the long drawl for “data” with the word “brains” and you have a good picture of how off-putting it felt to suddenly look around and realize — we were surrounded. Surrounded…

A “How-To Guide” for those interested in making things happen.

Having worked in various kinds of production in NYC and now out in LA for close to a decade, I’ve often been asked what defines a producer. It seems to somehow be the most all-encompassing and yet often misunderstood role.

The short version? A producer is someone that gets “it” done, whatever the “it” may be.

A producer “problem-solving” the “noise” in the basement.

“A producer is the person I’d ask to check out a strange noise in the basement.”

This doesn’t mean a producer is a shallow task-master. Far from it. No, a producer…


Things I’ve learned since leaving my job and taking the summer to explore.

Dear [fill in employer name here],

Conventional wisdom would say that a cover letter should start by focusing on the positives. No offense to conventional wisdom, but I think I have a better way to tell you my story. It begins when I allowed myself to say the word, “no.”

I left behind the role of Director of Content Production at an ad agency because I was looking to pivot my career trajectory. I wanted to excel less at operational excellence and more at, well, let’s call it, inspirational excellence. I took the summer to learn how to get there.


How humor can change the world, one taboo at a time. Welcome to your safe place.

Comedy, we may say, is society protecting itself — with a smile.
J. B. Priestley

Camp Gyno,” the new spot for Hello Flo, is creating some really positive buzz:

Huffington Post writes, “‘Camp Gyno’ Ad Gets It Oh-So Right, Makes Us Proud To Be Women.

And Buzzfeed says it,“Is An Amazing Breakthrough In Tampon Advertising.

But what exactly is this “breakthrough that gets it oh-so right?”

Products that cater to female genitalia.

That’s what things like tampon commercials are ACTUALLY supposed to be catering to.

Have I lost you yet? More importantly:

Tracey Carl

Marketing Strategist and Process Maker. Penchant for DIYing / wordsmithing / pun-running / GIF referencing. My thoughts are my own.

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